Every garage owner reaches a point where the available space no longer suffices. This is especially true for those homeowners who actively do things themselves, such as household repairs, working on cars and landscaping tasks. It can be surprising how quickly even a large garage can fill up when accumulating tools and materials, year after year.

This space crisis that inevitably confronts most homeowners can only really be resolved one of two ways. The first is getting rid of the excess stuff. While this may work in the case of the accumulation of things that amount to little more than junk, this is not a solution for someone who has thousand-dollar tools such as air compressors, lawn tractors, large tool drawers and related items. For these people, the best choice will often be to expand their available storage space through the purchase of a backyard shed.

Not all sheds are created equal

The first thing you may notice, when you begin your search for an appropriate storage shed, is that there is a stunning variety to choose from. Storage sheds come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Some may cost as little as $50, while others may run well past the $10,000 mark. But one rule generally holds true with purchasing storage sheds, as it does with most things. You tend to get what you pay for.

Should you go with a cheaper model, such as a structure built of corrugated aluminum? The answer depends on several factors. What the cheaper models of shed tend to be good on is initial price, creating a large space for the money spent and having a high degree of portability. If these are the main things that you’re concerned with, a cheaper model shed may be an appropriate solution for your needs.

However, the cheaper models come with some major drawbacks. Perhaps largest is that they tend to fare poorly in extreme weather. Someone who lives in the hills of Eastern New York may be able to get away with a corrugated aluminum structure, whereas that same storage shed would be quickly torn to shreds in the first days of a typical Southern Illinois summer. Another problem with cheaper models is that the metal ones tend to quickly rust and corrode, despite what the product description may say about resistance to corrosion.

On the other hand, solid, attractive barn-style sheds, constructed of wood and housing-quality materials, can easily withstand almost whatever weather is thrown at them. And unlike cheap metal or tarp structures, they can significantly add to the value of a home.

Sheds, such as those sold by Overholt and Sons, are a way of permanently increasing the storage space of your home. These sheds tend to be highly robust, and may be attached to concrete foundations, much in the same way that a house is.

Aside from adding value to the home, many of these high-quality sheds can significantly improve the beauty of a backyard. They are a lasting, beautiful solution to your space shortages.