All of these ways have a goal to keep the wood quality in good condition, especially when it is stored. Wood products are vulnerable to various adverse exposures such as insect and fungal organisms. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve a protective material such as anti-termite (insecticide) and anti-fungal (fungicide).

One way commonly used to preserve wood is by soaking it. How to preserve wood with a soaking system should only be done by soaking the wood in a preservative solution. Hopefully, the wood is protected because the solution is penetrated into the wood substrate. For more information you can visit Antique Panels And Parquet Flooring.

The Key of Success How to Preserve Wood with low System

The basic principle of how to preserve wood with the immersion system is how to make the preservative solution can penetrate in wood substrate. Thus the wood will contain toxins for various pests such as termites and fungi. Both organisms attack can be resolved as early as possible before causing significant damage.

To prepare a preservative solution when the application of wood pickling method by immersion system to get into the wood substrate, at least two conditions are needed. The first condition is the suitability of the preservative particles to enter in the pores of the wood.


Advantages and Disadvantages How to Preserve Wood with Immersion System


It can be said, how to preserve wood with this soaking system is more troublesome than how to preserve wood with a vacuum press system, brush, or spray. The result was not as good as a wood preservation system with a vacuum press system. However, this system also has many advantages. With this system, the cost you have to spend will not be as much when you do wood preservation with a vacuum press system. You can also apply it to various types of wood with facilities that are not too difficult to get for doing how to preserve wood with a vacuum press system.